Flame Thrower Palm – Large Palm Tree

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Buy Flame Thrower Palm - Large Palm Tree

Flame Thrower Palm – Large Palm Tree
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Buy Flame Thrower Palm - Large Palm Tree

Description :
Rare palm tree which shoots one beautiful flame like leaf two to three times a year depending on maturity. The name flame thrower comes from a metaphor, because the red saturated color in the leaf will dissipate and turn green. This natural occurrence makes this palm a rare and exotic palm tree. Also known as Chambeyronia macrocarpa, Flame Palm, Red Feather Palm. -Real Palm Trees
Large Flame Thrower Palm Tree for use indoors and outdoors. Botanical Name: Chambeyronia macrocarpa, Common Names: Flame Thrower Palm, Red Feather Palm

Type: chambeyronia-macrocarpa-lg
Category : Palm Trees – Cold Hardy
Brand : Palm Tree Store
SKU : 30-01-large-flame-thrower-palm-tree

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